General Questions:

Everything is simple, go to the purchase page, customize the package you need and press the button that defines payment method, then you will be redirected to the payment page, follow the instructions that will be registered there. Once you complete the transaction you will be redirected back to Alchemist page and you will be able to download the cheat and login there by your username and password.

You can extract the program in any place on your PC then make sure you have not any of private games opened. You can run now Alchemist.exe

Add the cheat folder to your antivirus' exclusions list.

Unfortunately, we don't offer free products.

Each subscription is limited to one PC. If you try to login in another PC that will disconnect the other one.

You can open any amount of characters unless it's limited on that server.

Contact us instantly. They will help you ASAP. Any refunds are not permitted and will lead to PERMENANT BAN from using Alchemist products. Once you contact our support team and your issue is solved. You'll get your lost time back to your subscription period.

Yes! Each subscription works only with the server you choosed when you purchased.

You have two choices:
1-Pay for an extra server. it will be available for free every time you renew your subscription on any server.
2-Create a new account and pay for another subscription.

Our community's developers have their own professional ways of defusing security systems. Also we have an online website, facebook page so any negative feedback will clearly appear to you.

We have our own special techniques to defuse the whole security systems/anticheats. Once you use Alchemist you can launch safely without the anticheat literally working. You can try and delete the dll anticheat and see.

Our cheats sends fake process names to the game, fake screenshots if the GM ordered to screenshot your PC by a command, and fake hardware data. They might be confused you are using cheats if you play too obvious or overused the cheat or reported by other players. But no one will ever has a prove that you are a cheater.

Our program has a tool 'HWID Spoofer' attached in it. You can use it to spoof your machine info (Mac Address, etc).

Unfortunately, we don't freeze subscriptions unless there is a missing update for a server that causes the program to not work properly.

No, it's impossible, sooner or later they will keep their eyes on you and get confused saying, how does that player got that amount of CPs within that period, or how is that player killing other players with this speed and hit accuracy 100%, that's why we do not recommend using products on the main accounts unless you know how to play normal and safe, only play on accounts that will not be a pity to lose. Also we want to note that if other providers guarantee 100% protection from the ban, these are scammers, do not pay attention to such tempting offers.

We do not make refunds, they are possible only if technical support is convinced that the product purchased from us is not fully operational on your PC.

You should let us know ASAP. usually the update takes place on the same day, but if it does not, then usually within 2-3 days. Whatever, all cheaters active on that server will get the off-hours back to their subscription period once the update is released.

Yes, it's expected and possible for programmers with enough of knowledge to crack our program if it went between their hands, there is no computer software/game that's 100% protected against cracking, even CO itself. But that's not the point, the point is whoever cracked the program could never provide you continuous updates with your purchased server. There are approximately 1-3 updates per day that requires the owner of Alchemist himself to use his experience of reversing engineering to keep the program operational and keep you safe.

Sometimes a critical update is released and automatic updates don't work anymore. So the solution is to download the latest update manually though this link.

If an in-game update is released and some client files are updated, that may happen. You must try these solutions:
1- Make sure you running the latest update for the program.
2- Make sure you running the latest update for the game.
3- Try checking/unchecking this option 'Alchemist->Settings->Advanced Settings->Deal with actual client files'.
4- Contact technical support and asking 'em to release an update for your server.

Actually, the only way to stop our cheats is to purchase our Anticheat system. But if you found it unavailable so we can reach a deal. Do not hesitate to contact us.

This is due to two main reasons:
1-The displayed ping is the actual ping, not the fake one, as well as the FPS. Typically, pings on most games are divided by a factor (2.5 - 3) and FPS' are multiplied by a factor. So if your actual ping is 250 ms then it will appear as (80-100) ms.
2-Our cheat has permissions to read and handle every in-game action, which may lead to hardware delays. For example: you are in a war, you have 50 players beside you, each player is jumping and casting spells. Then the cheat handles every action first before it displayed to you. Which may lead to increase ping a little bit and delaying visuals (Lower FPS).

You can reduce this effect by going to 'Alchemist->Screen' and increase 'Max FPS'. Also you can 'Hide Enemies' or 'Hide Allies' if you are in a fight.


If you do not find the answer to your question here, then contact technical support, you will definitely be helped there!