Alchemist Anti-Cheats

We provide a high quality protection systems and launchers for Conquer Online Private Servers.

We use techniques to protect you against cheaters that you never seen before.

* v5079 [Classic Binary 95] Launcher & Protection System

  • A Launcher works with a mysterious technique, not including a dll to protect your work.
  • Auto patching, self-update, protection against client files modifications.
  • UI to login from the launcher, instead of the old basic CO's login screen.
  • No need for third-parties, or additional windows socket for the protection system (When we talk about binary games).
  • You won't use the old leaked account server in 2008 again, we'll provide a special one for you which is attached with the host.
  • The account server is customized to help you get in with the players..
  • You can type commands like (ban, kick, whisper, request pc information, terminate game, request opened processes) in the account server.
  • Data is securely encrypted between Msg Server, Account Server and Alchemist Host Server.
  • You'll have the ability to modify the entire gameplay in binary games like:
    • FB & SS Wrong Angle Corrections
    • Attack Modifications (Depends on nobility's rank, VIP Level, etc)
    • Prevent Warrior's Reflect Spell on some maps, or even modify the chance of it
    • Chat & Broadcast log system
    • Add your own GM commands
    • Let the GM hit others by 1,000,000,000
    • Let the GM be hit by others by 1
  • Finally, you test the above features by clicking on the following link: Trinity Conquer

* v6609 Launcher & Protection System [UNAVAILABLE]

  • Finally, you can test the above features by clicking on the following link: Ethereal Conquer