Terms of Service

Please read the following Terms carefully before agreeing to purchase or use Alchemist Softwares.

By purchasing any software, you agree to the following Terms of Service:

These Terms of Service govern your access to Alchemist Softwares and any services we provide.

Any unlawful/fraudulent behavior is strictly prohibited and being caught committing said behavior will result in removal from Alchemist and any services we provide.

To not expose anyone to malicious or life-threatening content. This goes especially for minors. Adult content is prohibited.

All decisions made by the Alchemist staff is final.

To not partake in any action that is considered harmful/destructive/detrimental to the clients, staff and to the community itself.

The information you gave us when getting the transaction done is completely true and accurate. Furthermore, that you will be truthful about your actions when using Alchemist's softwares or accessing any services we provide.

Your license, and therefore the security of your license, is in your hands. The staff is not liable for anything that happens to your license (such as being scammed or hacked when sharing an licenses) and that sharing licenses is not supported by Alchemist.

Finally, you agree that if you are found to be acting against any of these Terms, the staff at Alchemist reserve the right to remove your access from Alchemist and any services we provide without prior warnings.

These Terms of Services are subject to change.