Community Rules

This page contains all the rules for Alchemist. This list is always subject to change. We will notify you whenever we make an update/change to the following rules.


Please refrain from any sort of religious/political talk. This server is meant to be a welcoming server to people of all beliefs and we want to keep it as a safe place for anyone who wishes to be here.

Hate Speech/Harassment

We understand that people are different from each other, however, it is not okay to attack anyone based on their differences.
Hate speech or harassment of any form will NOT be tolerated.
This includes talking down on anyone based on their race, ethnicity, origin, sex, gender, preferences, religion, disabilities, etc. Evading Bans

This goes for both the Discord server and in game. If you have been banned temporarily in either, please just wait it out.
attempting to dodge a temporary ban will only result in a longer ban.
If you have been permanently banned and feel like it is wrongly so, feel free to take it up with a staff member.


We make changes to this policy over time to keep you up to date about how we handle uesr information.


This is mainly an English dominant community. No one is going to stop you from using your main language. However, please be mindful of people who cannot speak your language. We (the staff) are mostly English speakers and cannot help you if we can't understand you!


Pretending to be a staff member or other community members will result in being banned instantly.


NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work. This is content that would not be seen as appropriate in a work environment. Absolutely no NSFW images/videos/anything of the sort will be allowed in this server.

Bug Abusing

Abusing any kind of bug on purpose is strictly forbidden

Inappropriate Global Use

Using cheats too obviously is not permitted and might result in life-time banning from Alchemist Softwares.

**Rules are always subject to change! Moderators have the right to act freely within reason to enforce anything not covered in the rules. Decisions are final!**