Before Buying:

Read the Status Page to keep updated with our status of the hacks we provide, along with any information that we feel you should know about.

You should whether disable any Anti-Virus that can interfere with our program, or add our program to exclusions as Anti-Viruses can sometimes block the program from being run properly if it is viewed as a threat.

Please make sure you have your game closed before downloading the program.

Ensure you have Discord, and our Cheat running as an Administrator at all times.

Check out our Gameplay Videos using our Hack!

After Purchasing:

Once the transaction has been made successfully you will be able to download the program after redirecting to the download page.

While you have your game closed, run the program and follow installaton instructions. Once it startups you can click on 'Main' then 'Start' and selecting the purchased server.

You may be asked to install Flash Player 6.0.

NEVER run the official game from 'play.exe' file or whatever, if you want to use Alchemist then you should open the game from the program by heading to 'Main' -> 'Start'. Otherwise, completely close Alchemist and go open the official game from 'play.exe' file.


If there are issues with the Hack and it is "Completely Not Working On Specific Server" extended time will be credited to ALL ACTIVE USERS ON THIS SERVER.

Refunds are not permitted. You have to solve your issue by talking to our Customer Service. If you refunded your payment you will be blocked and get banned from using Alchemist Softwares PERMANENTLY!

Customer Support:

If you encounter Any Issues with the hack, please contact customer support immediately. We strive for the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE out there for any hacking group! One of the biggest things we are known for is our Customer Service and Pricing Points!

You can submit a ticket here on our website on the Support page and our lightning fast support team will get back to you immediately.

If you are having trouble setting up the hack even after following directions, not to worry! We use AnyDesk to help ALL of our members to get set up and not have any issues!

Our staff is working around the clock, not one day goes by without someone's issue / case not being responded to or resolved.

We look forward to having you join the Alchemist Community!