Alchemist Cheats

Our cheat has three modes which are (Hunter & Looter, Aimbot, Minner)

All their features are explained as shown below.


  • Selecting Normal Attack Type, XP Attack Spell
  • Accurate Hits Option (Don't ignore or leave a monster untill it's dead)
  • Max times to hit a monster then ignoring it
  • You can type some monsters you want the bot to ignore it permenantly
  • You can tell the bot which area you want to hunt in, or even restricting some areas if it's rarely contain monsters
  • A lot of safety options to keep you safe during using the bot
  • You can login with INFINITE characters, each character are seperated with the option you selected
  • You can specify whatever you want the bot to loot, or drop
  • An option to specify whether you lean towards hunting and collecting precious items, or just leveling your character
  • Special Monsters Feature:which you can type specific monster names to loot whatever it drops
  • Force to loot or don't loot a specific item
  • You can type item names to automatically send it to a warehouse
  • Auto Compose Feature: automatically compose similar items to the higher plus
  • Click here to watch a video explaining these features.


  • You have the ability to adjust botting speed, and even bot accuracy
  • You can specify which targets you want to hit. Players, monsters, poles. And which to prioritize hitting first.
  • Follow Player Feature: EX: You are in a guild war, you logged in with 6 waters, all following your main character, so? read the next
  • Auto Interaction Feature: Auto cast spells, EX: Auto revive, auto fog, auto stigma, auto shield. NOTE: You can modify the interaction speed to make it more realstic.
  • Smart Botting Feature: Make the hit more realstic, don't hit someone if he is not in the ground, jumping, etc.
  • Stimulated Hits Feature: Don't hit unless you right click on any point on the screen, regardless of the orientation of your mouse, the target will be 100% hit
  • Click here to watch a video explaining these features.


  • Insane Mode: Speed up minning rate
  • Acception Level: Specify which ores you want to keep, and which you want to drop.
  • Automatically free up your inventory, drop useless items.
  • Move when the floor is full of items, to be able to drop useless items again
  • Ability to move precious items automatically to any warehouse you specify


  • Common Features are features existing on the above three bot modes, which you can access across any mode
  • Cyclone, Speed Hack, Wall Jump, Indefinite Jump.
  • You can edit the bot speed across all the modes, via the bot delay option. The higher the delay the less the speed.
  • Auto options are available across all the modes, Auto Revive, Heal, Repair Items, Restore Stamina, Respond to players, Activate Stigmas and Shields.
  • Heading to Screen tab, you'll find anything related with your screen, like screen resolution, game quality, players size, map zoom, etc.
  • You can also show/hide anything on your screen. Players/monsters/NPCs/attacks/messages/effects/etc...
  • You can show invisible characters, like GMs.
  • You can control your frame rate in-game.
  • You can show the HP of other players.
  • Log System: Logging anything happens in the game including warnings, errors, infos.
  • You can apply your own hotkeys for (Start/Stop Hunting, aimbotting, auto interactions, minning, cyclone, show/hide the program).
  • The bot has a lot of themes you should try, choose the one you like (including light/dark option)
  • Windows notifications when your characters logins in, disconnects, die, etc...
  • Auto updater system: To update your program with all the new ideas, add new servers, or solve some bugs
  • The bot has a lot of themes you should try, choose the one you like (including light/dark option)